BonusBox installed in two Canadian Casino’s


Las Vegas, USA — August 8, 2013 — Gaming Support USA announced it has completed its latest BonusBox installation in two casinos located in Alberta Canada: the Century Casino Edmonton and the River Cree Resort and Casino. This marks the first BonusBox installations in Canada.


The casinos each offer a CAD $500.00 cash prize in the BonusBoxes. With the onset of cashless gaming, players love the randomly awarded “hard cash” prize money.


“We are very pleased to have our first BonusBoxes installed and operating in Canada. We are confident they will experience the same increase in win and time on device as seen by the other operators,” said Don Baugh, CEO of Gaming Support USA. “I’m sure their customers will enjoy playing them as well”

Prizes are viewed in the BonusBox and dispensed at the game, allowing operators the freedom to award prizes of various size and value to keep players entertained; from smart phones, jewelry, show tickets or in this case, cash! BonusBox supports property branding and promotions and has fully customizable audio, lighting and background insert.