Developed with direct operator feedback, BonusBox is a unique add-on product that randomly awards physical prizes right at the machine. 


As casinos are increasingly cashless, BonusBox brings exciting tangible prizes back to the gaming floor – such as cash, car keys, jewelry, gold bars or mobile phones. With one BonusBox paired with each slot machine, it can be used with individual games, complete banks or across entire floors. BonusBox gives you the freedom to vary the mystery prizes to suit the desires of your specific clientele and to keep them entertained for longer. Players immediately understand that they are playing for “their” reward, as they can reach out and almost touch the contents inside their machine’s BonusBox.

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Performance data from Europe, North America and Asia shows that BonusBox enhances the gaming experience for customers in ways they really appreciate, with net win increases commonly seen in the 30% range. BonusBox also tends to extend play time and converts more voyeurs into players.
  • Adds excitement to the slot floor
  • Compatible with most jackpot systems and controllers
  • Increases slot revenues
  • Drives coin-in and prolongs time-on-device
  • A true market differentiator.