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Installation = downtime.
This is why we created our Pre-Installation program. You ship your product to us first, and then our highly skilled and experienced technicians configure your products for rapid, plug-n-play deployment. Pre-installing and pre-testing everything from EPROMS to communication interfaces allows you to maximize your revenues by minimizing your downtime.Ever install games throughout a network of subway stations? We have…in record time. When it comes to complex installations, our technicians have seen almost everything. From survey to sweep-up, our install team is the best in the business, delivering a complete turnkey solution for getting your operation up-and-running. Whatever the obstacle(s), we will find the right solution(s).
As an independent company, we distribute a range of equipment, including displays, electronic gaming machines, electronic and live tables, seats and spare parts. We are one of Europe’s leading resources for the purchase and sale of gambling equipment. In addition to providing a comprehensive solution to distribute & support products for non-resident manufacturers, our bulk purchasing power is perfect for small and mid-size operators.

Operators: for more information on our Buy-Side distribution program and the product lines that we represent please contact us.

Manufacturers: to learn more about our Sell-Side distribution program, please contact us.

Whether you are welcoming the crowds to your slot machines and game tables, promoting jackpots and game themes or marking denominations, a gaming sign is a proven tool for reinforcing your brand. We pride ourselves on creating unique signs for our clients…signs that help improve floor performance…signs that make players go “Wow” and deliver a more unique and entertaining experience to casino patrons. Keep your slot and video machines in excellent working condition with help from Gaming Support. We offer you superior slot machine parts repair and maintenance services.

If you need more information about repairs or need any assistance please feel free to contact our repair department:

Gaming Support-Repair: (+31) 10 524 1152