Slimline Vacuform Sign
Slimline Vacuform Sign

Slimline Vacuform Sign

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Greater flexibility is available using our unique updateable micro signs concept. Introduced to our industry by Gaming Support, our updateable micro signs allow you to easily change and update each sign whenever required. As change in our industry happens faster and faster, our innovatively simple and unique ‘plug and play’ updateable micro signs solution extends the life of each sign – making each sign even better value for money.

Using an advanced manufacturing process tested and developed by Gaming Support for over 12 months prior to launch, we know how to make custom-shaped, high quality Slim line signs that will meet – and probably exceed – your expectations. Gaming Support’s Slim Line Casino Signs are customised to fit your property needs meaning anywhere from Branding, Denoms, Directionals and Bank Ends we do it all. Our advanced manufacturing process for Slim line Denoms and Directionals allows us to take gaming sings to a whole new level.

You introduce a new slot bank and want to do the best you can to promote your new slots. We’ve been creating and making amazing game-branded signs for years. Next time you add a new bank of machines, get in touch with us – our designs and manufacturing skills may very well surprise you…as will our superb value & quality  – offering you more flexibility and opportunities to communicate with your customers.

  • High quality guaranteed
  • Volume manufacturing allows us to offer you excellent value for money
  • On your floor…fast! Our Slim line signs can be manufactured quickly
  • Easy to install
  • Use in more locations – can be placed on non-structural walls, and are ideal for low ceiling venues.