Gaming Support at G2E 2016, booth 2623

Gaming Support will publish its latest innovations at G2E: America’s biggest event in the gaming industry, bringing operational and engineering excellence to our clients and challenging gaming experiences to the clients of our clients.

Understanding these two worlds is key for our business and at the heart of the Gaming Support brand. Unifying and combining these worlds is our dedication to high quality service: spot-on, in time and beyond expectation.

Aside from showing you our baseline products such as Jackpot Controllers, Media Systems and auxiliaries, which all contribute to a festive and cheerful mood in your operation, we are proud to present the results of the developments of the past year and hope that you are pleased with the expansion of our product portfolio with “cutting edge” ergonomic and cost-effective Gaming Tables, exiting new Multimedia Signage features and Smart Wireless Solutions for your operation.

In an age of increasing technological developments, casinos are dealing with more expectations from their visitors and find themselves facing greater challenges to keep the attention of the public. With comfort and convenience in mind, Gaming Support has developed an integrated platform that allows you to have control over a large portion of your operational needs.


 Gaming Support’s Jackpot Controller for example allows you to generate various types of jackpots to make your slot floor even more attractive for players while keeping it easy for the operator. Using Mystery or Progressive Jackpots in a mixed operation, your gaming machine can be assigned up to 16 jackpots but only requires a single Slot Interface Board. Standard features available in this controller are: Multi Game & Multi Denom, scheduling maximum number of hits, and scheduling of start and end times.

Media-System1Gaming Support’s Media Systems give you the opportunity of managing your content where it is supposed to be; on the slotroom floor. Our Media Systems enable you to enliven your operation with high-impact multimedia broadcasts that grab attention, reinforce and clarify brand, cross-promote internal businesses and boost gaming revenues.  Its intuitive design as well as the included content library does not need extensive training to manage your content and attract the attention of your public.

And of course our BonusBox.

With a great number of installs in casinos worldwide, BonusBox has a proven record of generating, on average up to 35 percent increase in coin-in‘For example, when a bank of slot machines on a casino floor are significantly under-performing compared to similar slots’ says Don Baugh, chief executive of Gaming Support USA. ‘A casino can extend the life of the machines by adding the BonusBoxes. At approximately the same price of a conversion, it is much more economical than replacing the machines. In addition, the BonusBoxes can be re-used on another bank of machines when the time comes.’