Gaming Support’s Gaming Asset Management Environment (or G.A.M.E. for short)

Gives you complete control over all of your most important assets in one glance, real time.


Tracking your slot machines, gaming tables and all other critical peripherals from the time you place an order, to the moment you put them to rest and every single instance in between. You have full insight of their whereabouts and their operational status, providing you the tools to initiate curative or periodic maintenance as required.

Accessible all day, everyday, globally, you will be able to receive information about the day-to-day occurrences of these high valued assets and have your organisation directly interact to insure limited down-times and guaranteeing the broadest level of service to your customers.

Using G.A.M.E.’s clean and intuitive dashboard minimizes learning curves so you instantly become productive. It’s con gurable to t every need for your companies staff and processes. You’ll love being able to “zoom-in” to your assets, allowing you to view and solve issues without leaving your desk.

Developed to gain a broad insight into the status and movements of your possessions, G.A.M.E.‘s dashboard gives you a clear overview of all of your assets at one glance, whether it be a single property or spread across multiple locations.

In clear tabs you can track them from ordering until delivery, con guration, transport to the venue and placement on the casino oor.

Filtering options by type, brand or location allows you instant access to the asset of choice and all of its relevant information. Of course you can edit the information to insure proper disclosure to those in need of it.

By zooming into the locations, you can view individual assets and view their settings, maintenance schedule and overall history.

The fully intergrated Predictive Maintenance Module monitors the condition of your assets in real-time by sensoring Orientation, G-Forces, Thermal Imaging, Magnetism, Sound, Temperature, Humidity and Air Pressure.

Analysis of the data and comparison with prede ned datapro les will send out alerts whenever the data of an asset is exceeding these boundaries.

When working effectively, maintenance is only performed when an asset such as a slot machines requires attention; ideally just before a failure is likely to occur. This minimizes the following:

• The downtime of the equipment being maintained

• The production hours lost to maintenance

• The cost of spares and supplies