Gaming Support presenting the first Flexible Led Panel Casino Signs at ICE 2017, booth N2-210

“The media is the message”


This year is full surprises from Gaming Support as we have an innovative year ahead and we are excited to share this experience with you all. Gaming Support brings the latest in gaming innovation to customers around the world and we are confident when we say we can ‘improve your floor performance’. Gaming Support designs and manufactures innovative products and technology solutions for the global gaming industry. We bring operational and engineering excellence to our clients and challenging gaming experiences to their clients. Understanding these two worlds is key for our business and at the heart of the Gaming Support brand. Unifying and combining this is our dedication to high quality service: spot-on, in time and beyond expectation. We really understand the issues that casinos face and have to overcome every day.

This year at ICE 2017 we are proud to present the first ever Flexible Led Panel casino signage available in the European market. The trend started in Asia where these panel signs have been used in large resorts in Macau, Singapore and the Philippines for a while now. Our Led Panels ‘bring more bling’ to your gaming floor and enhance the gaming experience. Through its brightness and sleek appearance it gives the casino a different look and draws the players attention to the floor. In an age of increasing technological developments, casinos are dealing with more expectations from their visitors and find themselves facing greater challenges to keep the attention of the public. You can customise the flexible led panel signs to the desired gaming experience on your floor, whilst retaining full control over your operational needs and have the luxury of using them for many years to come, irrespective of the game themes.