Gaming Support’s first installation together with J.P. Slots/Dynasty Games
at Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas


We are thrilled to present our new product combining Gaming Support’s Link Progressive Jackpot Controller together with J.P. Slots video display product at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. Gaming Support’s Jackpot Controller have been around for many years and are popular in Nevada, however our collaboration with JP Slots is our first of many to come, providing players with an experience like never before. J.P. Slots’ video display installation attracts players and increases play with colorful, high visibility jackpot values. The new product is ready for play through our cooperation with Dynasty Games, who has distributed and installed the product.

Our Jackpot Controllers are available in both StandAlone or Link Progressive that supports up to 250 machines per controller. Don’t miss out on our new product, now available for play at Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas.

For further information please contact your Dynasty Sales Representative

Reno – 775-359-5917
Las Vegas – 702-369-2100