Jackpot Controller

A Jackpot Controller that changes the game…

All connected devices are visible at one glance and reports are as easy shared as an email.


Gaming Support Jackpot Controller works with practically any slot machine on the market. With our Jackpot Controller, you can remotely manage your jackpots, update settings, emphasize jackpot values and trigger special effects…all from the comfort of your iPad. Using a secured program that requires a special dongle to operate, user access to edit settings is limited to authorized personnel only.


Gaming Support Jackpot Controller can manage hundreds, even thousands, of slot machines. Connect multiple Jackpot Contollers together within your slot network and stay in total control.


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Taking tips from other iPad Apps, the interface is clean and intuitive. Managing your system no longer requires learning various complicated levels and screens. You now have an overview of your settings and data all in the palm of your hands. All connected devices are visible at one glance and reports are as easily shared as an email.


  • Works with practically any slot machine
  • Ideal for slot banks to control local area jackpots
  • Also perfect at managing wide area progressives
  • Integrates with the major CMS systems
  • Controls and manages jackpot triggers for SFX…delivering more WOW on your gaming floor.