Communicate with ease…


Information has never been so easily shared, so rapidly. Casino managers are, increasingly, on the lookout for attractive, customizable, easy-to-use solutions to establish and maintain a winning atmosphere at the casino floor. Keeping guests and players informed at all times, about the games, the hospitality and everything else that makes the casino fun, is the prime objective. Gaming Support’s Media Systems are the gaming industry’s leading solution specifically developed to broadcast the excitement and joy of players winning and increasing revenues by celebrating jackpot hits. With hundreds of installations worldwide, our Media Systems have won accolades and awards –and most importantly customers –for many many years.




Based on standard broadcast technologies and featuring support of every major gaming industry protocol, Gaming Support’s Media Systems enable operators to enliven their operations with high-impact multimedia broadcasts that grab attention, reinforce and clarify brand, cross-promote internal businesses and boost gaming revenues.

Developed for a touch screen device, Gaming Support’s Media Systems give you the opportunity of managing your content where it is supposed to be; on the slotroom floor; Keeping you in close contact to the crowd you want to address and informing them wherever and whenever it is required.

  • Establish and maintain a winning atmosphere
  • Keep guests and players informed at all times
  • Easy-to-use management software
  • Customizable content
  • Increase revenues by celebrating your jackpot hits.