Receive real-time casino asset information


Real-time Control over Casino Assets

With Gaming Asset Management Environment (G.A.M.E.), our Asset & Slot Machine Management System, you take real-time control over all your assets in a casino. G.A.M.E. gives you a full overview over all your slot machines, and other assets (such as Casino Signs and Live Casino Tables). Receive information about their exact location and operational status, which gives you the opportunity to initiate curative or periodic slot machine and asset maintenance. 

With G.A.M.E. you can receive day-to-day information over all your assets. Your organization and staff can limit down-times and guarantee the best level of Slot Machine Management by using the clean and intuitive dashboard within G.A.M.E.

Slot Sense: Asset & Slot Machine Management Software

The integrated software, Slot Sense, gives the operator full control of slot machine and asset maintenance. Sensors built into the slot machines monitor and report the following conditions of these slot machines: orientation, g-forces, thermal imaging, magnetism, sound, temperature, humidity and air pressure.

These data points are analyzed and compared with data profiles. Exceptions will be shown on the user’s dashboard, and that will determine the maintenance schedule for the week. When predictive maintenance is working effectively, maintenance is only performed on machines when it is required - before a failure occurs. Predictive maintenance will reduce or eliminate the unnecessary disturbances that require corrective maintenance when failures occur.

Benefits using our Asset & Slot Machine Management System

The G.A.M.E. dashboard gives you an overview of all of your slot machines and other assets in one glance. Whether you manage a single venue or multiple. G.A.M.E. gives you the option to filter your slot machines and assets by type, brand or location. The system also allows you to get access to all your asset information. Get a complete overview of your asset's settings, maintenance schedule and overall history. 

Working with our Asset & Slot Machine Management System offers several cost savings for the casinos: it minimizes the downtime of the slot machine allowing for more player time, reduces hours needed for maintenance, and lowers cost of parts and supplies. 

This Gaming Support system and software is unique in the casino gaming industry for “predictive maintenance” and Asset & Slot Machine Management.