Receive real-time casino asset information


Real-time Control over Casino Assets

Slot machine management is a difficult task, especially when it comes to managing your assets. Our Asset & Slot Machine Management System, called Gaming Asset Management Environment (G.A.M.E.), takes the hard work out of slot machine asset management. By using our system you can ensure that your casino assets and slot machines are working and generating revenue 24/7.

The system provides you with real-time information over all aspects of your asset management, including maintenance and repair scheduling, so you can make better decisions on how to manage them in the future. The system also gives you access to an overview of all slots machines at once so that you don't have to spend time searching for any specific data about one machine or another. With this software tool your casino technicians can take care of everything from A-Z!

Slot Sense: Asset & Slot Machine Management Software

Slot Sense is a revolutionary new software that makes it easy to manage your slot machine fleet from anywhere in the world. With this integration, you can monitor all of the sensors built into each slot machine as well as other physical aspects of these machines such as orientation, g-forces, thermal imaging, magnetism, sound and temperature. Data is stored in our cloud based system so you can access it at any time on any device with an internet connection no matter where you are located. You will be able to identify problems before they become costly repairs or lost revenue due to down slots!

Slot Sense is designed for casino operators who want more control over their assets while saving money by reducing maintenance costs and increasing efficiency through remote monitoring capabilities. It allows casino managers and their slot technicians to remotely troubleshoot issues with gaming equipment including slot machines without having someone physically present at the location of the problem or issue.

Management Software That Supports Slot Technicians

Slot technicians are responsible for maintaining slot machines in casinos. They inspect the inside of each machine, clean it and repair damaged parts. It takes several hours to complete this task on a slot machine. Our Asset & Slot Machine Management System will help casino owners reduce not only maintenance costs but also staffing costs. The system automatically detects when a machine needs necessary repairs or maintenance tasks without human intervention required.

Our software allows for more efficient use of technical staff who now spend less time on performing preventive checks on individual machines and more time repairing malfunctions or technical difficulties! For preventive maintenance; casino technicians have to open every machine for maintenance. It's not hard work, but it does take time! And slot machines need to be opened at least once a week. Opening each machine takes about 1 minute per day, which adds up quickly when you're talking 500+ slot machines in one casino!