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Certus Technologies: ​​Casino Gaming Systems

Gaming Support is the official distributor of Certus Technologies products, and its Casino Gaming Systems. Discover the Casino Gaming System from Certus Technologies, and create a connected casino. Certus provides, with its Casino Management System Software, cutting-edge casino and route management solutions, data analytics and marketing automation to operators around the globe.

The Certus Technologies software offers solutions that put marketing capabilities first. Obtain real-time, granular-level data, paired with intuitive analyses for decision-making, and provide marketing tools for effective marketing campaign management. Better understand and engage patrons, and make informed decisions that ultimately drive revenues and create efficiencies with the help of innovative modules and software.

Real-Time Data Monitoring & Rewarding

The Certus ​​Casino Gaming System offers data, alerts and player rewards in real-time. Understand instantly when valuable players are present, and tailor your player engagement strategy to suit your operations. Whether it’s a configurable award that’s triggered and gets printed at the EGM, pushed to a player’s Mobile App or an alert sent to your operational staff. The options in the Casino Management System are endless. 

Marketing strategies that target un-carded play and offer instant rewards have proven enormously successful for the partners of Certus that use their Casino Gaming System. Nowadays, having real-time data is a must to accomplish success.

Certus Analytics

The Certus ​​Casino Gaming System is able to deliver the most granular level data in the industry, and supply operational intelligence in an intuitive and easy to understand manner. Gain a much deeper understanding of your operations, patron activity and the true success of marketing campaigns.

 The Certus Casino Gaming System and Analytics can be delivered as a stand-alone solution running along-side any third party host system, without needing any integration nor having dependencies on your existing host system.

Marketing Automation Management

The patented Marketing Automation Engine in the Casino Management Software automates campaigns like no other. The Anonymous Patron Tracking and Real-Time Rewarding solution for example is internationally renowned for its ability to drive incremental revenues.

The Casino Management Software can be supplied with Marketing Automation as part of an overall solution or as a separate service running along-side any third party host system.

Mobile Friendly Casino Management Software

The Casino Management System Mobile Player App eliminates or complements the use of traditional players cards, while enhancing marketing capabilities on countless fronts, including real-time rewarding, social network tie-ins, new campaigns, property happenings, push messaging, tournaments and many others.

Operationally, the Certus Casino Management Software App allows your team to perform their duties with the use of tablets, ensuring that they remain connected to the software, and mobile.

The Casino Gaming System with Superior Architecture

The gaming casino industry’s first gaming management solution suitable for all market segments: Casinos, Routes, AWPs and VLTs. Certus is able to offer its Casino Management Software services as a Cloud-Based offering, or deploy its services directly on servers within your own corporate data-center.

 Certus utilizes the latest technology and methodologies, and as a result offer maximum flexibility, and is able to offer new services and applications for your increasingly demanding clientele.