Branding, directional and bank ends


Our Casino Signs

Whether you are welcoming your guests to your slot machines and live game tables, promoting jackpots and game themes, or making denominations, a custom Casino Sign is a proven tool for reinforcing your brand. We pride ourselves on creating unique Casino Sign designs for our clients, signs that help improve floor performance, signs that make players go ‘'wow'' and deliver a unique and entertaining experience to casino guests. Gaming Support offers a wide variety of Casino Signs (and LED Displays) for branding, directional or bank ends.

Gaming Support specializes in providing solutions for all conceivable situations and has become a front-row player for custom Casino Signs in the casino gaming industry. With our outstanding manufacturing skills, we offer you tailor-made signs in terms of artwork, shape, and choice of lighting. Gaming Support’s expertise in lighting and illumination, plastic and metal fabrication, high quality printing and the use of unique materials make the perfect blend for your Casino Sign.

Custom Casino Signs: Slimline & Traditional

Slimline Casino Signs offer new levels of flexibility to casino operators and OEM's: they are lighter, easier to install, and they deliver excellent value for money. Thereby, the Slimline Casino Signs can be used in more locations - they can be placed on non-structural walls, and they are ideal for low ceiling venues.

Casino Signs can be customized to perfectly fit what your property needs: artwork, shape, choice of lighting, etc. We’ve been creating and producing amazing game-branded signs for years. Next time when you add a new bank of machines, get in touch with us - our designs and manufacturing skills may surprise you, as will our competitive price.