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Grep Cat our Digital Signage Software

Narrowcasting, also called Digital Signage, is the opposite of broadcasting. Broadcasting is not localized and many irrelevant target groups are reached. Digital Signage ensures that target groups are reached with controlled content on information boards, LED walls and signs. 

Our Digital Signage Software is intended for companies that want to realize serious and professional digital signage configurations. Thanks to the large number of unique features and possibilities in our Digital Signage Software, companies can create stunning presentations in an instant. Whether in a corporate, educational, leisure or retail setting, everyone can benefit from effective communication through screens.

Advantages of our Digital Signage Software

Our Digital Signage Software is a future-oriented narrowcasting solution. Our content management system is visually set; users quickly understand how it works and are able to quickly put together a professional presentation. The software is web-based, which means that users can update their digital signage screens 24/7 from any location. In the online environment, users can control 1 to 100 plus digital signage screens across all locations around the world.

Our Digital Signage Software gives users operational flexibility in sourcing content. Users can use the tools that they are familiar with to create content. Upload files or use streaming links or URLs to load the content. Thanks to the lightweight MQTT protocol, content is quickly synced and stored locally to ensure uninterrupted operation of the player. In case the internet connection is slow or down, the Digital Signage Software keeps playing its current configuration. Once the connection is restored, content updates will be synced, if required.

Digital Signage Software Features

Our Digital Signage Software is a complete solution with many features like built-in layouts, triggers, ticker, calendar-style content scheduling, live video, web content, etc. Hardware accelerated players and task-specific programs gets the best out of the Digital Signage player and software and ensures smooth HD videos & streaming content.

With our Digital Signage software, integration with external systems and adding new functionalities is easy to achieve. For the casino and gambling industry, our Digital Signage Software enables integration with our Jackpot Controller and other Jackpot Systems.

Full Grep-Cat Feature List:

+ Accessible through any internet browser.
+ Manage screens from any PC, at any location.
+ Access screens separately, per group, or all screens at once.
+ Create an unlimited number of users.
+ Assign various user roles to users.
+ Create audit users to approve content before publication.
+ View the status of all screens remotely.
+ Ability to import existing content.
+ Easily schedule content by means of our extensive planning function.
+ Share content/templates with other users.
+ Easily categorize content.
+ In case of internet malfunction, screens will always keep running.