Jackpot Controller
Jackpot Controller

A Jackpot Controller that changes the game. The new Gaming Support Jackpot Controller gives you full control over your jackpot operations. It is feature-rich, scalable, cost-effective and secure.  

As an independent producer, Gaming Support delivers a Jackpot Controller that works practically with any slot machine on the market. 

With our Jackpot Controller and its built-in security, you can remotely manage your jackpots, update settings, emphasize jackpot values, and trigger special effects from one intuitive dashboard. 

Combining these individual capabilities, Gaming Support's Jackpot Controller delivers distributed processing power, providing the casinos with an accessible and expandable high-performance jackpot system. 

Two main features of our new Jackpot Controller are the Game ID Filtering and the Max Bet Logic. With Game ID Filtering you can control which game participates in the jackpot. Each jackpot in the controller can have its own.

With Max Bet Logic you decide what happens to a machine that supersedes the set max bet limit. You can ignore the increment, lock the machine or lock all machines playing on the same jackpot. This gives you full control over the security that will comply with your local regulations.

Other features:

  • GLI 12 Approved
  • Regional user settings
  • Clear Dashboard
  • EGM Reporting
  • SAS
  • Up to 20 levels
  • User Audit Report
  • Double Increment*
  • Hidden Value*

Double Increment

With the double increment feature you can make sure the jackpot is always alive. After reaching the jackpot limit, players still want to see an increasing jackpot value. This can be done by setting a second increment value that will slowly increase the value.

Hidden Value

The hidden value of the jackpot will create a small buffer to start off the next jackpot. With this calculated addition to the base value you will increase the excitement for players even after a jackpot has been hit.