Shot Clock

Shot Clock is a physical clock for poker that counts down the time players have left to act on their hand. With Shot Clock players get a certain amount of time to call, fold, bet, raise or check. Once the clock reaches zero the players hand is forfeited, or a player is forced to play a time bank card, and receive more playing time.

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Time Manage your Poker Tournaments

Time management for poker tournaments: With Shot Clock you can time manage your poker events. Control the time players decide to act and finish live poker games more simultaneously. Players play more hands and avoid ‘'slow-playing’' or ‘’tanking’'.

Shot Clock is easy to use: The green button is to start the countdown timer. Hold the blue button for 3 seconds to set the default time. Press green to increase (+) and blue to decrease (-) and hold the blue button for 3 seconds to save.
Fully charged with the supplied micro-USB cable Shot Clock will operate up to up to 10 hours. 

Every tournament organizer can decide how much time players get with Shot Clock, this is typically 30-60 seconds.
Shot Clock can be operated by dealers and signifies players with a beep sound when 10 seconds are left.

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