Cash Center De Luxe, Perfect cash-handling-solution with “premium design”


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A payout-machine with money change-functionAcceptance and payout of banknotes and coins.Connection to sports bettingwith scannerHandling of betting slips, customer cards Pay-in/out and the purchase ofcredit vouchers.
Optional banknote validators:
- JCM EBA 40 with a banknote cashbox for approx.400 or 600 notes.
- MEI SC Advance with a banknote cashbox for approx. 1,200 notes.
- JCM iPRO (without Recycler) with banknote cashbox for approx. 600 or 1,000 notes.
- JCM iVIZION with banknote cashbox for approx. 600 or 1,000 notes.
Optional banknote recycler/dispensers:
- Merkur Dispenser 100, 3 banknote values with a recycling capacity of max. 34 banknotes each and a banknote cashbox for approx. 400 or 600 banknotes.
- JCM iPRO-RC (with Recycler), two banknote values with a recycling capacity of max. 100 notes and a bank- note cashbox for approx. 400 or 1,000 banknotes.
Optional banknote dispensers:
- Single banknote dispenser with a cassette for approx. 1,000 notes of one value.
- Dual banknote dispenser with cassettes for up to two note values. The cassette capacities are approx. 1,000 / 1,700 notes, total 2,700 notes (optional lockable cassettes).
-Coin-Hopper, up to 8 hoppers for coin values from EUR 0,01 to EUR 2,00. The sorting process allows one or two coin types to be returned to the hopper (e.g. EUR 2 and EUR 1). Service-friendly filling of the hoppers via a pull-out shelf.
- RFID card system; Personalised access to the service-menu by dedicated staff and technician cards.
- Receipt-printer for receipts, system reports and audit reports.
- One payout tray for everything banknotes, coins, receipts and vouchers.
- Scanner for processing 1D barcodes and QR codes.
- Card reader for player cards with RFID, chip or magnetic stripe.
- Innovative Design with stylish front plate combined with illuminated aluminium strips. Optional customized front plate designs available.
- Illuminated manufacturer logo.
- 24inch HD-Touchscreen with 16:9 widescreen format.
- Cabinet security Superior grade “SAFE“ cabinet (GeWeTe security class C).
Dimensions: H 185 cm x W 85 cm x D 47 cm. Floor Plate: 85 cm x 75 cm.
Weight: 320 Kg.
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