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Progressive Poker Jackpot Kit


Add a progressive jackpot system to your poker machines with Gaming Support’s Progressive Poker Jackpot Kit.


This kit comes complete with a Jackpot controller, Machine Interfaces with harness, Network equipment and cables, Full HD LCD display and Full HD Media Player with themed video content package to cover most progressive poker scenarios for example USD 1, USD 0.50, and USD 0.25 versions with 1-4 level progressives, plus a customizable movie for a customer logo.


Installation is effortless using standard network switches and cabling. Numerous fonts and colors are available for customizing the odometering progressive jackpot values and text messages.

Easy to update with your own custom promotional messages using the Configurator Kit.


With a touch of your fingertips, our media player enables you to communicate directly with your audience, schedule your content and emphasize jackpot values collected by our latest jackpot controller.




With its built in security, this jackpot controller lets you remotely manage your jackpots, update settings and trigger special effects.


… all from the comfort of your iPad.


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