Traditional Casino Signs

Casino Signs that are completely customized by you to fit perfectly what your property needs; artwork, shape, choice of lighting, etc. Whatever you want, we will create & make it for you. Our design team is led by Rob Prins. Rob has 18+ years experience creating custom casino signs for our clients. Your property will be the only one with these signs. Operators (& OEMs) normally purchase one sign, or a few of the same sign, for use in a select choice of properties.

Gaming Support’s Casino Signs are customised to fit your property needs meaning anywhere from Branding, Denoms, Directionals and Bank Ends we do it all. Denoms and Directionals are sometimes overlooked, these are important so your players know where to go on your floor to play their favourite machines and so your guests know how to quickly move around your property. Our Bank Ends deliver the perfect solution to communicate more frequently with your customers. Bank Ends can attach directly to a bank of gaming machines, or can stand independently on their own highly stable foot plates. They can be used in either stand-alone or network modes – or both – offering you more flexibility & opportunities to communicate with your customers.

You introduce a new slot bank onto your floor & want to do the best you can to promote these new slots. We’ve been creating & making amazing game-branded signs for years. Next time you add a new bank of machines, get in touch with us – our designs & manufacturing skills may very well surprise you…as will our competitive pricing


  • Unique signs designed & made to your exact specifications
  • Ideal for high traffic areas such as Reception & Welcome areas
  • More “Wow” = these signs really make an impact on your players
  • Perfect to promote your casino’s ‘house’ jackpots
  • Proven over years of use. Almost every casino & gaming hall in the world has these signs on their floors…there’s a reason for that. These signs work!