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Your Seating Solution Matters

A comfortable player is a happy player...your seating matters. The basics of any seating solution lined up. Oh, and: Our seats start to talk....

The trinity of Casino hospitality separates into Security, Comfort, and feeling Valued. Whenever a player enters your casino, effectively you have an important guest. Here's my way of looking at it.

Most Casino Resorts environments are pretty secure because of the large sums of money present on the premises. Incidents do happen, (I hope they are incidents 🤔, look at

Most reported injuries are (Huh?):

1. People falling off slotmachine-chairs.

2. Food poisoning.

3. Slipping and sliding.

4. Shuttle Bus accidents.

Basically, just like in any environment where there are a lot of people that interact with the resort and other guests. Overall (in absolute numbers) a casino resort is a safe place to be.

Cheap chairs and bar stools are unsuited for 24 hour use in a setting or group that varies in weight and size and repositions themselves multiple times per hour, looking for the best bet around your gaming floor. A quality seat is heavy, sturdy and can handle people up to 150Kg's. Yet it needs to be handled and moved easily. Not many chair manufacturers understand or incorporate this into their Casino chair design, because they are led by other factors like seating times per day (Restaurants & Bars), storability (Conventions) or just price (Retail). What makes a Casino chair different is the guest that's sitting on it, who is likely to spend more than in a restaurant and the host trying his or her utmost to keep the guest happy and actively playing. Casino operators coined the phrase "Time-on-Device" to rate Electronic Gaming Machines (EGM's) into a group of guests who just want to kill some time and bet some money. The (quality) time spend for this player is equally important to winning, enjoying a great night out. For Casino's a chair is not just a regular chair, it is a means to a solid bottom line. For over 3 decades I am familiar with the Gasser™️ product-line and I have witnessed first hand what a decent chair can do. Given the fact that a Casino chair or seat is likely to be more expensive than a regular chair or seat, most casino's I personally know buy new chairs every 10 years, mostly because they are refurbishing the casino not because the chairs have worn down.

Putting unsuited restaurant and bar chairs into a casino is an accident waiting to happen.

Innovation in seating soltutions is not limited to new back's and cushions; What do you think about a chair that communicates to a central system that it is occupied or vacant? With Sit-n-Tell™, a joint effort of Gaming Support and Gasser, this is exactly what is happening.

Sit-n-Tell Poker seats reporting their status

Sit-n-Tell™ has your chairs report their "seating-status" floor wide which can come in handy for Food & Beverage, Security and Maintenance purposes. See if and how long your chairs are being used.

Every chair is equipped with an transmitter that is powered by the kinetic energy of a person sitting down and standing up, no batteries needed!

New ways of looking at your seating solution guaranteed with Sit-n-Tell™.

Interested in what Sit-n-Tell™ can do for you? Contact us!


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