With our Gaming Asset Management Environment (G.A.M.E.™) you take control over all your assets in real-time. G.A.M.E.™ gives you a full overview over all your assets, such as Slot Machines, Cardshufflers, ChipperChamps, Casino Signs, Cashmachines and Gaming Tables.

Get information about their exact location and operational status, which gives you the opportunity to initiate curative or preventative maintenance. Direct your floor technicians to the assets with the highest priorities.

GAME™ will triple the efficiency of your staff and cut your downtime with 50%.

G.A.M.E.™ Dashboard

G.A.M.E.™ Dashboard

Game allows you to create custom dashboards for every department or stakeholder to see what is happening on your casino floor in real-time. 

Follow service tickets, depreciation of your assets or simply their compliance status.

Locate your assets around the globe

See where your assets are located. 

Zoom in on assets to get financial data, compliance status or real-time sensor readings.

G.A.M.E.™ Sensor Dashboard for slotmachines and other devices

Get realtime sensor readings from the Heart of your floor with Slot-sense.

Slot Sense is revolutionary new software that makes it easy to manage your assets anywhere in the world. With this integration, you can monitor all of the sensors built into our slot machine interface, next to other physical aspects of these assets such as orientation, g-forces, thermal imaging, magnetism, sound and temperature. Data is stored in a cloud storage system of your choice so you can access it at any time on any device with an internet connection no matter where you are located. You will be able to identify problems before they become costly repairs or lost revenue due to downtime. 

The G.A.M.E.™ Interface

Our GAME interface is built into your assets and the interface carries 10 sensors, 4 relays, external temperature probe and two serial ports. Can be expanded with a pinhole camera and SAS communications. Runs on a proprietary Linux distribution with a custom designed kernel. Battery backup, UL, CE and GLI approved.

G.A.M.E.™ Interface for Asset management
G.A.M.E.™ Sensor overview Dashboard

Sensor readings at your fingertips.

Our software comes with pre-defined asset profiles for slotmachines, cardshufflers, chippercahmps, roulette wheels, signs and cash-machines. Our profiles can predict your next problem so you can fix it before it is added to the downtime of your gaming floor.

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