Customized software for your casino business model


Developing Casino Software

When it comes to casino software development, Gaming Support is at the top of the game. We offer the best land-based casino software solutions that boost casino operations and casino hardware manufacturers. Our knowledgeable, experienced developers are well versed in providing high quality gaming solutions for your needs which is backed up by some of the most knowledgable hardware engineers.

We aim at fulfilling your needs by offering not only software development but also the best services for your land-based casino business model. Whether you are looking into developing entirely new casino software or you wish some integration with an existing casino system - we've got just what you will help you in the further advancement of your casino.

Our Casino Software Developers

Our software developers pride themselves on the ability to provide high quality, innovative solutions for your business needs. We have more than 5 casino developers who are experts in cutting edge technologies and tools - so you know that we can deliver exactly what you need! We deliver our services worldwide and we ensure that you have a one stop solution from beginning till end.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry we understand all about it! Our team can offer you custom made software systems tailored specifically to fit any specific requirements. They are capable of delivering high quality solutions for your business needs, with a focus on your challenges!

Advantages Of Working With Our Casino Software Developers

+ Our clients are guaranteed the best quality services at all times.
+ We only work with tested and certified products and always make sure they get their money's worth out of every project we take on!
+ We know that a customer's time is valuable, which is why we strive to be efficient and on-time. We never sacrifice quality for faster delivery times!
+ We offer bespoke online casino software development solutions. Our custom or tailor made solution will be completely developed around your specified needs, enabling you to get the perfect software and we make it work like never before!
+ We offer a comprehensive range of software solutions for your casino. Our innovative and highly advanced software solutions are designed to work with any slot machines or other gaming equipment, so you can be confident that it will help grow the business in an ever-changing market environment.
+ We have been developing software for over 20 years and are eager to share our expertise with you.

Casino Software Built By Our Developers

Depending upon your business requirements, you can choose from different tailor-made casino software development solutions. Whether you are looking for a software integration, web browser-based casino management systems or a whole new software set-up; our team can develop it all! We also offer finished main software solutions that are market ready, some of our major casino software solutions are:

+ Jackpot Controller: A GLI approved Jackpot System that allows casino operators to offer games with progressive jackpots. This new Jackpot Controller was developed by our team as an independent device that can work practically with any type of gaming equipment out there today including all brands of slots machines.
+ Asset & Slot Machine Management System: An asset management system that lets casino operators take real-time control over all their casino assets and slot machines. It provides information about their exact location and operational status, which gives casino operators the opportunity to initiate curative or periodic slot machine and asset maintenance.
+ Digital Signage Software: A future-oriented narrowcasting solution with a browser based content management system where users can update their digital signage screens 24/7 from any location. It also contains an exclusive feature that is able to broadcast jackpots from slot machines on digital casino screens.