Manage your Jackpot System


Jackpot Controller & System

Introducing the Jackpot Controller, a GLI approved Jackpot System that allows casino operators to offer games with progressive jackpots. This new Jackpot Controller was developed by our team as an independent e that can work practically with any type of gaming equipment out there today including nearly all slots machines. Our Jackpot Controller is not limited only for use in casinos - we also work closely together on many (OEM) projects within casino gaming companies around world!

A Feature Rich Jackpot System

Are you looking for a jackpot controller that is feature-rich, scalable, cost-effective and secure? Our Jackpot Controller offers the following features: Remotely manage you're jackpots from one intuitive dashboard. Update settings to emphasize jackpot values or trigger special effects. Easily integrate with other systems such as cashless payment terminals or player tracking systems and secure data storage with jackpot activity logs.

We provide built-in security features and remote management capabilities so no jackpot wins will go unnoticed and can be managed from anywhere at anytime. With Max Bet Logic you decide what happens to a machine that supersedes the set max bet limit. You can ignore the increment, lock the machine or lock all machines playing on the same jackpot. This gives you full control over the security that will comply with your local regulations.

Stand-Alone, Proprietary and Wide Area Progressive Jackpots

Our Jackpot Controller & System can run multiple types of progressive jackpots at the same time. One type of jackpot is the Stand-Alone Progressive where it just links to one particular machine with a fixed jackpot prize on display. The game's progressive jackpot starts out small, but as more players win combinations of symbols the progressive will be adding money to it every time.

Also, a Proprietary and Wide Area Progressive Jackpots are possible. With Proprietary Jackpots the slot machines are linked to a single venue which build excitement within a casino, while with Wide Area Progressive Jackpots slot machines from different venues are linked to a prize that all players can win. Those playing from different locations know they will be winning big if their machine gets lucky too.

Create Exciting Jackpots in Our Controller

With the dual increment feature, you can make sure that players are always wagering on an increasing jackpot. After reaching their limit in one increment type of bet - whether it's time or money - they still want to see higher values while playing with this game; so we've added a second setting where all bets within Jackpots Controller will slowly increase overtime too, so your jackpot will always stay alive!

When you hit a jackpot in a casino, it's exciting. For the next few games, players have high hopes of hitting another one and they play with more excitement than usual. But after a while, their enthusiasm starts to fade and they lose interest - even if there is still a chance for them to win another jackpot!

The excitement of the players will be maintained after a jackpot has been hit by adding an hidden value to the next game. This is achieved by creating a buffer between each jackpot so that even if there hasn’t been a winner in a while, the player will still feel like they can win big anytime they sit down at your table. With this calculated addition to the base value, you can keep the players interested even after a jackpot has been hit!