Modernized centuries-old game

Keno Slot Machine

Our Bingo / Keno Slot Machine

Do you want to attract more players? Our GLI approved Bingo / Keno Slot Machine is a great way to bring in new players. It’s easy to play, fun and exciting! We have the best Keno Slot Machine on the market today. Your players will love it! Keno has been around for centuries but we modernized it with our state of the art technology. With a game like keno, your guests can spend hours entertaining themselves without feeling bored!

Our Keno Slot Machine in Your Casino

This is one of those games that everyone loves because there are no complicated rules or strategies involved – anyone can play this game! And now you can offer this classic game in your casino without having to hire extra staff members who know how to operate it properly. That’s right – our Keno Slot Machine is so easy-to-use that even beginners will be able to use it quickly and easily after reading through an instruction manual before playing their first time out.

Your customers won’t need any help from your employees either which means less hassle for them when they come into your establishment looking forward to some good old fashioned entertainment! If you want people coming back again and again, make sure you get yourself one of these keno machines.

How to Play the Keno Game?

Keno is one the most popular casino games in America and Europe, providing players with an familiair experience that can't be rivaled by any other gambling option. Our keno machine has an 10 x 8 grid with 80 keno balls. Keno is a game of chance, where players choose numbers on their screen.

The player wagers on which numbers will be drawn by selecting one or more balls. When all balls are drawn, players win if their bet matches any of those numbers. If no match occurs, then no prize is awarded and another round begins after a few seconds delay. All players need to do is pick numbers per round and they’re good to go! This is one of the reasons that people play over time. It’s easy for them to learn and get better at it with practice, so they stick around!