Modernized centuries-old game

Keno Slot Machine

Our Keno Slot Machine

With our Keno Slot Machine (Bingo Slot Machine), we modernized this centuries-old game but still maintains the same look and feel of a keno game! Nowadays, keno is a popular game and a land-based casino cannot operate without a keno or bingo game.

We kept the keno game and our Keno Slot Machine traditional. Our keno game includes a massive drum with 80 numbered balls that the machine draws out. Out of these 80 balls, the machine randomly draws 20. The player's task is to guess which numbers will get drawn and, depending on how many numbers a player has got right, receives cash or can buy extra balls to be drawn.

Two Different Keno Games

We developed two different types keno games on our Keno Slot Machine. Keno 20+10 which is approved for the arcade halls and Keno 20+2, approved for casino's. After win players on a Keno Slot Machine 20+10 have the opportunity to buy 10 extra balls after hitting enough numbers and with the Keno Slot Machine 20+2 the player can buy 2 extra balls.

Features Keno Slot Machine

Our Keno Slot Machine is build in with different products, such as the FutureLogic Gen2 ticket printer, Mars Mei Bill Acceptor, Quixant Graphic computer, Visaton Sound Experience and works on SAS protocols. Also, our Keno Slot Machine is Gaming Lab International (GLI), Conformité Européenne (CE) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified.