Live Casino Tables for American Roulette, Poker and Card Games

Live American Roulette Table

Our Experience in Live Casino Tables

Our Casino Table designs are based on years of experience installing, maintaining, and refurbishing Live Casino Tables. We operate and manage over almost 500 Live Casino Tables and all of their peripheral equipment within the Netherlands. Our tables not only bring excitement, but also provide comfort for players and dealers with their ergonomic design. We craft three different Casino Tables for different live games.

Our Live Casino Table Types

Our first Casino Table is the American Roulette Table: with its luxurious look, our American Roulette Table is a stunning centerpiece in every casino. It fits most roulette wheel brands, and we craft both right- and left-handed versions. Our second table is the Poker Table: this table is designed for 10 players and provides players plenty of space to sit and play comfortably. For poker tournaments, we offer tables with fold-in legs, which makes them easy to transport. The third table is the Card Table: our Card Table can host up to seven players at the same time.

Casino Table Design Possibilities

Our tables can be adjusted with a wide range of accessories and a selection of different finishes. The tables are standard equipped with stainless steel drinking cups, electric power sockets, spare inlay and a float-tray frame. The tables can be equipped with USB charging stations for your players convenience. Combined with the use of the finest materials, the skills of our furniture makers and the well thought designs lead to this cutting edge ergonomic and cost-effective Casino Table.