Time-manage poker events

Poker Shot Clock

Our Poker Shot Clock

Poker is currently shifting to a more fast-pace game with the use of a Poker Shot Clock. With a Poker Shot Clock, players go from unlimited time to time banks. Typically, Poker Shot Clock are operated by dealers and signifies to players with a beep sound when 10 seconds are left. Our Poker Shot Clock is a physical clock for poker that counts down the time players have left to act on their hand.

Time-Manage Poker Events

With our Poker Shot Clock players get a certain amount of time to call, fold, bet, raise or check. Once the clock reaches zero the player's hand is forfeited, or a player is forced to play a time bank card, and receive more playing time. Poker tournament organizers can use our Poker Shot Clock and control the time players decide to act and finish live poker games more simultaneously. Therefore, players play more hands and organizers can avoid ‘'slow-playing'' or ‘’tanking’'.