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Our professional Blackjack/Punto Banco Tables are  ergonomically designed for the players and the dealers. As all our tables they are customizable in various finishes, colours and accessories. It fits most of the various brands of card-shufflers, chip trays, cashboxes and tip-boxes. It can host up to 7 players playing at the table. 

The tables include a cabinet storage within, and built-in sockets. Also included is a float-tray frame, stainless steel foot rails for the players and support. Standard is the stainless steel holder cups so players can store their beverages. 

Customizable in various finishes, colours and accessories. Fits various brands of card-shufflers, chip trays, cashboxes, and tip-boxes. Ergonomically designed. 6 120 VAC- 220VAC sockets built-in. Cabinet storage included. 

  • Ergonomically built
  • Bespoke upholstery finishes
  • Base: wide range of finishes and colours
  • Layout: wide selection of designs and colours

Equipped with:

  • Stainless steel drinking cups
  • Electric power sockets
  • Spare inlay

Are you interested in our Blackjack/Punto Banco Tables? We would like to advise you about our Blackjack/Punto Banco Tables & meet your specifications. Request a quote with our contact button.

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