Raspberry Pi4 Professional I/O Module

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IO-board for the Raspberry Pi series 2, 3 and Pi 4 for reading out 10 switch inputs (both isolated and non isolated) and control signal-relay outputs. It comes equipped with an onboard switching power supply, powering both the board and the Raspberry 4. Connects to the first 10 pins of the Raspberry expansion header,GPIO. Inputs and outputs have optical indicators. The unit fits, together with RPi4 and 16mm spacers, in a standard DIN-rail enclosure MP001137 (farnell 3243145).
- 3 Non isolated push button inputs.
- 1 Switchable power output, can be used (together with input) to connect infrared button input.
- 5  Isolated inputs, optocouplers on the board.
- 4  Relay outputs, each output has common, normally open and normally closed contacts available.
- 1  MCP23017 (16-bit IO-expander) communicates with RPi using I2c (GPIO3-SCL1, GPIO2-SDA1).
- 2 Interrupt-source from expander to GPIO4 to read back. I2c address:0x20
GPIO14 has a LED connected to show Raspberry heartbeat.
- J1 Main Power input (24Vdc) with build-in switching regulator, reverse polarity protection. Status LED.
For powering both IO-board and Raspberry (5V, 3A max). 
Maximum input current: 1.5A at 12Vdc  -  0.8A at 24Vdc
connector: JST S2B-XH-A-1 header
- J5 External Power input (24Vdc at 100mA). Provides power to the isolated side of the optocoupler Switch inputs.  
Switch Inputs, non isolated, with contact debouncing, status LEDs:
- J2: Ticket Button (Output for Button Power (24V/0.5A max) and Normally Open Button switch input)
connector: JST S4B-XH-A-1 header 
- J6: Intercom Button (Normally Open switch input)
connector: JST S2B-XH-A-1 header
- J7: Language Button (Normally Open switch input)
connector: JST S2B-XH-A-1 header
- J10: Enclosure Switch (Normally Open switch input)
connector: JST S2B-XH-A-1 header
Switch Inputs, isolated via optocouplers (External power required), with contact debouncing, status LEDs:
- J3 Terminal Loop, Gate Loop, External Open Order
connector: JST S6B-XH-A-1 header
- J4 Gate Opened Status, Gate Closed Status
connector: JST S4B-XH-A-1 header
Outputs, signal-relay contacts, max 24V/1A, status LEDs:
- J8 Open Gate, Close Gate (Normally Open, Common, Normally Closed)
connector: JST S6B-XH-A-1 header
- J9 Intercom, Printer Power (Normally Open, Common, Normally Closed) 
connector: JST S6B-XH-A-1 header
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