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Casinos are no longer just about gambling. They have become a place of entertainment that offer a variety of ways to get your adrenaline pumping. From the thrill of slot machines, poker tables and blackjack, to concerts and comedy clubs, casinos provide patrons with options for every kind of experience imaginable. While advertising your products and events is always a good idea, there’s plenty of room for improvement. Digital Signage is a great way to get your message across. With new digital signage solutions, you can share information in a way that is more engaging and interesting than ever before. From the casino floor to your guests' hotel rooms you will be able to keep them interested!

Using a cohesive, well-designed digital signage system is essential for any casino operator looking to take their business to the next level. Digital signage solutions is a type of advertising that can be used in many different ways. From showing advertisements to providing directions and information about nearby slot machines, live table games or events it's an extremely versatile tool for transforming any casino floor into something memorable. The power and engagement of digital signage is perfect for casinos. Patrons love shows because it engages them on a deeper level, leading them to spending more time playing games in your establishment.

Here are 6 Reasons Why Every Casino Operator Should Use Digital Signage Software:

1) It’s an excellent way to market your casino without being too pushy

While advertisement is a great way to create a platform for your casino, it can be difficult for casino operators to highlight the main events or promotions. Digital signage provides an easy way to get patrons informed without being too overwhelming. By giving information in one place, everything a patron needs to know is communicated through one channel - from floor maps and menus to promotional offers and specials. Information about main attractions can be displayed right in front of patrons, without them having to go through pages upon pages on what you have going on in your casino.

Also, on the casino floor you don’t want to be intrusive on the guests' experience. Casino floors need to have a professional atmosphere. Advertisement on casino floor has to come naturally. It's important not to focus too much on sales because it can turn off your patrons. Digital signage software allows you to create a content schedule for each type of promotion that can be displayed in different kind of ways around your casino, so that everyone see different content and actually notice them. This means you don't bother guests when they come into your establishment - you just let them know in a subtle way that there are new things or events going on.

2) Digital signage software is an inexpensive way to advertise

Digital signage is an inexpensive way to advertise. As such, it's not surprising that casino operators use digital signage to promote their brand and attract new customers. The software operates on digital displays and can be used for an unlimited amount of marketing campaigns or just as an information board in your casino. This form of advertising can be implemented and set up within hours. Digital software is the future of direct advertising. It's more sustainable, and has more impact than traditional methods like print media because it reaches your casino guests immediately with little effort from your casino staff.

3) It keeps your casino promotions interesting

Do you want to keep your marketing activities exciting? With digital signage software you can keep your marketing interesting. Digital signage software makes you update your information in real time from a computer. You can fully create a new show with just a few mouse-clicks. You can adjust the content for all screens on the casino floor at once or adjust content individually. This means that instead of having one static screen, you’ll have multiple dynamic screens that will always be up-to-date and relevant to what is happening right now!

With digital signage your guests won’t miss out on any news and you’ll never have to worry about having outdated information again. Your guest will know exactly what you have to offer!

4) You can engage directly with your customers

Do you want to increase your sales? Digital signage software is a great tool to engage directly with customers. You can promote your latest products, engage customers with interactive content, and display promotions on screens throughout the casino. This saves employees from having to walk around telling guests about deals they are going to get and potential customers see your promotions directly and are enticed to buy your products. In the world of marketing, it's all about exposure and promotion. Digital Signage software allows you to promote your business in a way that would otherwise go unnoticed if there were no screens displaying them at casinos; increasing revenue drastically!

5) Educate your patrons playing new games or when way-finding

Do you want to teach your customers how to play on certain games? Digital signage is not only a great tool to entertain, but also to educate. This means you have access to new players that we're initially not willing to play on certain (difficult) games, but now they are because of digital software. Provide your customers with the latest game information about how to play slot machine games when they are on the casino floor. Create content that help patrons understand the rules and strategies behind playing (new) games. The goal is to educate people so they will be able to play your most revenue generating casino games.

Do you want to make your patron flow on the casino floor more efficient? Digital signage is the perfect way to direct patrons on the casino floor. It’s easy for them to find their way in your establishment. This will create customer satisfaction and it will make them aware of all the facilities within your casino. It provides a clear, consistent message throughout the entire property. You can also create custom messages for specific locations or events. This will help with customers looking for amenities on your casino floor, and therefore, they have more play time!

6)  It keeps your employees informed

Keeping your employees informed is a big challenge. Paper schedules can get lost, outdated and don't always have the latest news from corporate headquarters. Most of the time employees are not aware of what is happening within the company. Sometimes they are not aware off new products, changes in schedules or promotions. With digital signage software you can display rosters for each shift so employees always know who is working when they go into work. 

It’s also a powerful, flexible solution that makes HR easy to communicate with your employees. HR can reduce scheduling errors, improving communication between departments and making sure that employees have up-to-date information at their fingertips. Moreover, it also helps boost employee morale by showing off the latest company news and updates from around the web and it's much more effective than paper memos.


If you are looking for a way to market your casino without being too pushy, digital signage software is an excellent solution. Digital signage can be used in so many different ways and is an inexpensive form of advertising that will help you engage directly with customers while also educating them on new promotions or upcoming events. It’s a very reliable marketing tool that will keep your advertising interesting, engaging, and effective. We know how important it is for businesses like yours to stay relevant – which is why we created our Digital Signage Software: Grep-Cat! Our goal was simple – make digital signage easier than ever before so that anyone could do it without any hassle whatsoever! All of our features are designed around casinos so that every small or big casino will be able to get started quickly and easily, and even integrate with other software in the casino gaming industry (like with our Jackpot System). We’re happy to provide you with a free demo of our digital signage software so you can see how it makes an impact on your casino floor! Send us a message today and let's get started implementing a new interactive Digital Signage Software System!

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