Preventive Maintenance Slot Machines
Slot machines require constant maintenance to ensure that they're working properly. Slot machine repair technicians are usually on call 24 hours a day because slot machine problems can happen at any time. Due to their value and maintenance it’s important to be proactive about maintaining your slot machines.

What does preventive slot maintenance entails? Preventive maintenance is the process of taking necessary precautions before equipment failures or accidents happen. These preventative measures will help you avoid potential problems before they arise, like an accident or equipment failure on site.

In this blog post we will cover the benefits of preventative slot machine maintenance and how it can support slot technicians on the casino floor.

Preventative Maintenance Shows Slot Machine Malfunction Before It Becomes a Problem

Slot machines are an important part of the casino business. It is a major source of revenue for most casinos. However, it requires preventive maintenance to ensure that they are working properly at all times. If technicians do not perform preventive maintenance on slot machines, problems will start to occur and damage can be done to the machines. This could lead to downtime or even worse, money being lost in the process because of faulty equipment.

Preventive maintenance for slot machines can be done by performing regular checkups to prevent any issues from occurring down the road when it comes time for repair work or replacement parts due to wear and tear over time. Preventive maintenance is mostly scheduled and takes care of software updates and possible replacement for parts. Scheduling repairs will avoid emergency fixes when malfunctions become a real problem and will do damage within machines.

Preventative Maintenance Makes Technicians Work More Efficient

Scheduling maintenance is the key to keeping your slot machines in great shape. With scheduling reparations and preventative maintenance performed on each machine, your slot technicians can work more efficient. Technicians want to avoid surprises when it comes to sudden malfunctions or repairs, which is why regular inspections are so valuable. If there ever are issues going on with one of the slot machines, previous inspections and repairs would mitigate the risks of serious repairs. With scheduling preventive maintenance your slot technicians can work more efficient and less staff is needed to be appointed to a 24 hours call service.

These slot technicians are experienced and know how to fix any issue with a slot machine quickly and efficiently, however their service is often costly. When a machine breaks down you would like to get things back up and running again as soon as possible. However extra charging fees apply for emergency calls, and they are even higher during night. With preventative maintenance schedules you prepare yourself for busy night and saves yourself from costly surprises.

Other Benefits From Preventive Slot Machine Maintenance

The most obvious benefit of implementing preventive maintenance for slot machines is that slot technicians are more likely to stay ahead of problems before they occur. That’s one of the most important benefits, but there are a few other specific advantages you should take into account:

+ Preventive slot maintenance will decrease your casino downtime and the number of times that it closes for emergency repairs;
+ Preventive maintenance will ensure the longevity of your slot machine, so you save on long-term expenses;
+ Preventive slot machine maintenance is an essential part of ensuring the safety and well-being for both employees and casino guests. It reduces costly risks by significantly reducing these dangers in day to day business practices, preventing accidents before they happen;
+ Preventive slot machine maintenance is the best way to avoid expensive, unexpected repairs. It keeps your assets and equipment running smoothly for less energy consumption which in turn reduces utility bills!

Using Preventive Slot Machine Maintenance Software

Preventive maintenance is a tedious process that can be very time-consuming. Some casino operators use manual methods like pen and paper, or Excel spreadsheets to keep track of their maintenance per slot machine. These methods are not efficient because it takes them longer than necessary, therefore slot technicians can greatly benefit from preventive maintenance software.

Preventive maintenance software can help prevent accidents by automatically scheduling the tasks while also giving accurate analytics on slot machine repairs. The software allows technicians to easily access all the preventive work orders they need, and send alerts about when an inspection is due. The software can track data and their job progresses from start-to-finish including information for possible causes of issues if any arise during installation or repairs.


Preventive slot machine maintenance is a critical competent and will benefit any casino maintenance operation. It’s key to lower maintenance costs, reducing equipment downtime, improving casino asset lifespan and efficiency. Preventive maintenance is crucial to any casino operator looking to reduce the number of issues that come up as reactive repairs or general upkeep.

The benefits can be seen in numerous ways, from shorter down time for your machines (and therefore higher profits) and longer life spans on your casino assets (meaning you need less money invested into new ones). The key to successful operations is scheduling routine preventative maintenance on each individual machine - which means more efficiency from your technician and less surprise malfunctions or breakdowns in the future!

Preventive maintenance software can help slot technicians to work in a more efficient way and manage the work orders and inspections that are needed. Software helps to track data, repair progress, potential causes of issues, etc., all in one place - which means less time wasted on administrative tasks like paperwork or scheduling appointments.

Our preventive maintenance software, Asset & Slot Machine Management System, keeps everything organized so there's no lost documentation or incomplete reports. It allows technicians to easily access all the preventive work orders they need, send alerts about when an inspection is due, track data during installation or repairs - including information for possible causes or issues if any arise - and more! Interested? Contact us today if you want help implementing this valuable tool into your casino business!

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